Russell Kroeger

Russell’s unique mastery of financial planning, tax, and equity compensation is tightly integrated with his background in the financial life planning movement. He developed his skillset working with several high-end financial planning firms and ultimately joined Upstart to engage clients authentically. He is passionate about helping clients make informed decisions by understanding the trade-offs implicit in life’s decisions.

When not collaborating with clients, Russell can be found reading, writing, and talking to groups/startups on topics like equity compensation, compounding human capital, and defining True Wealth. He loves exploring principles outside of traditional finance to offer frameworks to help people think differently about their resources. Russell is also published in the Journal of Financial Planning, speaks at conferences across the country, and has been recognized within the financial planning profession for his contribution.

Russell’s vision of well-being involves an active and healthy lifestyle. He unplugs by relaxing in San Francisco’s parks, camping, hiking, traveling, and by exploring life with his partner, friends, and family.

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