Gain More from Your Sabbatical

October 3, 2019

                  Over the last 24 months, many of our clients experienced successful exits through acquisition, secondary sale, or their company going public. This new liquidity set their financial trajectory on the fast-track, drastically changing what is possible for them. In anticipation of liquidity, we had several brainstorming sessions with our clients. These discussions touched on an array of topics, but the common... Read More

Your Definitive Guide to Equity Compensation

August 19, 2019

  What Is Equity Compensation? Equity compensation is the portion of total compensation that lets employees own a slice of their company. Shares of company stock as compensation supplement the more traditional forms of compensation like salary, bonuses, commissions, and employee benefits (insurance, paid leave, etc.). Access to equity shifts an employee’s relationship with their employer. Understanding what equity compensation is, how it works, and the important levers one has... Read More

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